Spiritual Warrior,  Master Healer, Visionary Teacher, Writer, Self-Empowerment & Relationship Coach, Matchmaker, Mediator, Ordained Minister, Event Producer, Management/Marketing Consultant, Publisher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, QiGong Instructor, Master Reiki Teacher, Radio Producer.

My heritage includes Native American roots (Chipewa Cree and Taos Pueblo), French, Portuguese, Irish, Scotch & English. From humble beginnings as a coal miner’s daughter in a central Montana mining community, I have journeyed through life with the belief that we are only limited by what we believe. Some of my greatest disappointments and opportunities for growth have been the realization that not everyone sees life as ideally as I. However, my greatest rewards come from knowing that by aiming high, we neve
r really lose – that somehow, the very opening up to a possibility - actually begins to give us better results. And, that there are enough of us who believe we can - to make beautiful changes in the world.

My early professional experience included progressively responsible positions in human resources management, helping build Montana State government’s uniform Personnel Administration program during the 1970’s. I learned that my strong work ethic, cooperative nature, integrity, instinctive problem solving abilities and communications skills were valuable assets in completing large projects. What I also learned was that developing human potential and enhancing employee motivation were often elusive priorities and missing components in a male dominated, ego based, autocratic, bureaucratic world. This was the beginning of my quest for formulas that maximize human potential, distribute rewards fairly and value harmony equally with productivity.

For the last twenty years, subsequent work has unfolded in a rich kaleidoscope of experiences in many industries: oil and gas, mortgage banking, big 8 Accounting, Wall Street, the singles and marriage brokerage industries, construction, advertising, antiques, publishing and media production. I have worn many hats: interviewer, job analyst, administrative law judge/hearings examiner, headhunter, marketing/management consultant, mortgage loan officer/broker, oil and gas broker, telesales consultant and trainer, secretary, president, vice president, matchmaker, writer/technical editor and workshop facilitator-instructor.

My parents had both been raised in very strict religious settings and they chose not to impose the structure on us; but their reverence for the right things had a major influence. I sought out my own spirituality in 4th grade, joining a Northern First Baptist church where the father of one of my classmates was the preacher. I attended loyally every Sunday and loved singing. I chose my favorite bible verse and it still guides me daily. Mathew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before (wo)men that they may see your good works and glorify your (mother)father, who art in heaven.” I began to open up my awareness years later and saw parallels between the basic principles of many belief systems. While I never totally abandoned my early Christian foundation, I discovered that it was the “Christ” consciousness that I identified with, not the dogma of the religious structure. In recent years, I have attended mystery schools and now integrate a "meta-christ", ascended masters philosophy into my life and teachings.

In 1987, while living in the Los Angeles area, I was called upon to assist with the writing of a book. The assignment came from “guides” and the book was channeled through a dear friend of mine, Eileen Wright, who has been clairvoyant and clairaudient all of her life. The book “Project Earth ”is a metaphysical primer, a beginner’s introduction to an unlimited and loving universe. The guides gave us our spiritual names: Alena, Joy, Andrina. The project came with specific instructions to “spread the word” of love, wholeness and unlimited oneness to those who are ready to step away from the control and fear-based systems that currently both trap and fail them.


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