The VITAL U Week-End INTENSIVES are VERY intense - as we fill the agenda with a lot of energetic, transformational activity.

It is recommended that you follow these guidelines for maximum benefit:

• Get good rest the night before the first day

• Eat your dinner Friday evening before arriving – we will provide a snack during the preliminary ceremony.

• Dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing

• Dress in layers – weather permitting, we will be outdoors for part of the retreat

• No children or pets, let loved ones/associates know that you will check in

• All cell phones OFF except during personal breaks, NO alcohol/drugs, NO smoking

• Please don’t plan anything physically or emotionally demanding for Sunday evening after the retreat – try to plan a nice relaxing evening at home or some gentle social event if anything. You may not feel like doing ANYTHING but taking a nice bath and going to bed early. You may want to get some bulk sea salt for that bath.

MEALS - All meals are provided Saturday and Sunday through lunch on Sunday with a Sunday mid-afternoon snack. Water and tea are provided (if you have food allergies, let me know ASAP – the meals are an important part of the reprogramming and will NOT include beef, pork, dairy, pasta, white breads or foods containing preservatives or commercial sugars.


• Friday – 7 PM orientation & healing meditation

• Saturday & Sunday include these workshop segments:

Group exercises & projects  - “Flex Time” for working on projects - Individual projects - Dancing - Drumming - Creative & Empowerment exercises - - Trance posturing – shamanic journey.  *Sometimes available:  Individual energy treatments by Joy Rae(scheduled during “flex time”) 

• Breakfast, lunch & dinner breaks – personal breaks

• Sunday 4-5 PM Closing


• Extra cash for non event spending, tapes, books and other; tent/sleeping bag if  camping

• Water bottle, teddy bear/soft stuffed object/animal, a “BEFORE” photo, pillow, yoga pad

• A journal if you wish – for documenting your own personal experience in the retreat

• Sacred object for ceremony – picture, jewelry, rock, gift (anything small that is special)

• Healthy snacks if you wish (for yourself in between meals ) nuts, seeds, dried fruit - NO CANDY



• A diverse group of classmates

• A MAJOR change in all aspects of your life where you are ready to transform - improvement in vitality, clarity and balance, longevity.


Weekend intensives are very similar to a full Retreat  - these are differences

Weekend Intensive

Two full days - possibly a Fri evening intro
No accommodations - everyone returns to their own home or other room each night after final activities
Lunch only for Saturday & Sunday

Full Retreat

A full retreat is typically held at a facility away from the city - at a lodge, retreat center or other suitable venue.

  • Fri evening through Sun afternoon
  • Breakfast & Lunch Saturday & Sun
  • Dinner Sat evening

Cost of accommodation (varies depending on venue - shared or private room)


We offer a one day workshop - An Empowered U, which is similar in basic content but with limited activities due to shorter schedule.


All events include workshop materials


Fri and Sat - two nights shared room

Breakfast Sat & Sun

Lunch Sat & Sun

Dinner Sat


Private room - $475.00

No room (camping, other) $275.00


Weekend Intensive -  usually at a meeting/event facility - each person goes home or to another sleeping space after the final evening activity. 

Lunch Sat & Sun